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NYC Severe Weather - Hurricane Watch in Effect for NYC Due to the strengthening hurricane, the City is issuing a mandatory evacuation order for New Yorkers who live in the low-lying Zone “A” coastal areas in all five boroughs. This includes all parts of the Rockaways due to its exposure to the ocean. People should be out of these areas by 5PM on Saturday.

Residents who live in Zone A are strongly encouraged to stay with friends or family outside an evacuation zone. Evacuation Centers will be open Friday at 4 PM for residents who have no alternative shelter. MTA service including subways, buses, and railroads will begin to shut down at noon today, so please prepare to evacuate immediately.

How to prepare for the Annual Hurricane Season
1) Listen to the forecast. Pay attention to any warnings and determine whether to evacuate or ride out the storm.
2) If you choose not evacuate, find a safe shelter to stay in that is adequately outfitted with emergency supplies.
3) Ensure your family knows when to go to the shelter and how best to get there.
4) Install storm shutters on your home, or cover windows with plywood to keep them from breaking.
5) Purchase supplies such as non-perishable food, water, flashlights, a portable radio, batteries, and a first-aid kit.
6) Have rain gear and extra clothing stored in your shelter and easily accessible.

What to Do when a Hurricane Warning is Issued by the National Weather Service
1) Get a hold of family members to determine their whereabouts and enact your safety plan.
2) Gather animals in a safe place.
3) Fill your gas tank to ensure you can evacuate the area if necessary.
4) Follow the directions of local authorities and listen to local weather reports.
5) Don’t wait until the last minute to evacuate. If you wait, exit routes may be at a standstill or completely closed.
6) Move forward with securing your home, closing shutters and covering windows.
7) Ensure everything that can be blown around and cause harm is tied down securely.

What to Do when the Storm Arrives
1) If you are not evacuating, find a secure, safe shelter. Never stay in a mobile home, trailer, high rise, or your car.
2) Stay away from any windows. Find an interior room in which you have access to emergency supplies.
3) Don’t use electronic devices.
4) Don’t light candles. Ensure you have several flashlights with plenty of extra batteries on hand.
5) Have your portable radio on so you can monitor the weather and follow any instructions of local authorities.
6) Don’t leave your secure area too soon. The storm may appear to have calmed but you may simply be in the eye.
7)Always wait for the all-clear signal from local authorities.

What to Do after the Storm Has Passed
1) Make sure local authorities have issued the all-clear signal and that the storm has completely passed.
2) Check for power lines that have been damaged or are down and keep away from them.
3) Drink bottled water until you can ensure the drinking water is safe.
4) Keep calm and remain patient. Take some time to ensure everything is safe.
5) Check on neighbors and family members and perform first aid or contact medical authorities for assistance.
6) Replenish any supplies used and ensure you are prepared for the next storm.

Remember that a hurricane is an extremely destructive force that should not be taken lightly. Always make sure you are well prepared in advance of the storm. Listen to, and follow, the advice and instructions of your local emergency personnel. Don’t put your life or the lives of your family at risk. Take the time to discuss emergency plans with your family and increase your chances of surviving a deadly hurricane unharmed.

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The Cove

I know that my posts are all music but here is a change of subject. I'm so shocked that the country of Japan is letting the things i saw in this documentary happen. To all my peoples with Netflix please watch this documentry and spread the word. Or Take action

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Raekwon Reflects On "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx" Anniversary

The Chef reminisces about the purple tape and talks about the Wu's early 90's era saying, "We was all at our best."
On August 1, 1995, Raekwon unveiled Only Built for Cuban Linx, his first solo effort that also co-starred Ghostface. While younger fans may be more familiar withits 2009 sequel, the original is a critically acclaimed album that many applaude as one of the greatest efforts of the genre in the 1990's. To commemorate its anniversary,MTV's Rap Fix spoke with Rae about the album and its legacy. 
“I knew I had a classic when I formulated with these nine members in this group. Everything at that time that we was making, we was so sharp, it was super visual already,” Raekwon said of the album. “It was like something that you already knew you could get but it was just a matter of time before you could get it. When I tell you we was all at our best, it was serious!”
Adding to this, Rae noted that his vision was "mapped out" and it let listeners clearly hear what he was thinking as he wrote songs for the album. 
“We came with Cuban Linx, my vision was already mapped out in a great way that everybody seen it. It’s like going back to the tapes and saying, ‘Yo this is how we goin' win the war.’ We carefully mapped it out and I knew when I made that album that in the mix of it, I knew it was gonna be something that was gonna shock the world.”
by ANDRES VASQUEZ, 2011, Hip hop DX

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