Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nas Interview On Cassette Tapes (TDK Chronicles)

Hhahahah I Def remember those days man Funk flex on hot 97 playing an exclusive I didn't hit record so i stayed on the radio all day waiting for someone to play that record, and constantly callin 1800 223-9797 lol for hot 97, fucking line always busy than next day finally Flex plays the same record again, but fucking talks all over the damn track as im recording lol.

I remember my self as a young ass DJ I couldn't afford a Sampler so I used to use TDK cassettes. I would play the beat press record, stop it, rewind the beat , press record again.................This would go on forever till i got at least a three or 4 minute loop of that beat lol, the poor DJs sampling method lmao

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